We answer 7 + 1 Popular Questions about Bansko

One of the most frequently asked questions about Bansko is… Why there? Bansko is one of the most famous tourist resorts in the Balkans and has one of the most modern and well-equipped ski resorts of Austrian standards. (70 km. Tracks for everyone).

In Bansko you will also find budget and luxury hotels. Access to Bansko is easy from all neighboring countries due to its good road network. There is air access to Sofia and from there you will need 2 hours by road to Bansko. You can also choose one of the buses that depart daily from the City.

Finally, in Bansko you will find plenty of night entertainment and quality food at very good affordable prices!

How do I pay in Bansko?

The currency of Bulgaria is the Leva and in correspondence with the Euro it is approximately, one Euro with 2 Leva. You will find many exchange offices in Bansko as well as many banks such as Piraeus and Alfa Bank in the main streets of the city.

Most stores also accept Euros but it would be better to pay with Leva, because they do not offer the same exchange rate as the exchanges.

Tip: Make money exchanges in banks in order to achieve the highest exchange rate and avoid any problems. (Banks are open daily until 4 p.m.

Where can I stay in Bansko?

Bansko offers affordable budget hotels with heated swimming pools, spa, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and massage parlors. You can see them in detail in the packages offered by us with one click here!

We suggest: Green Life, Mpm Guinness, Mpm Sport, Trinity

How do I get to Bansko?

There are 3 + 1 ways to get to Bansko: Boarding the Coaches that start from Athens or at one of the stops it makes up to Thessaloniki

(reservations for bus seats by appointment on the phone of goaway.gr or contact us at Live Chat. If you make a booking through our Website, your reservation is made automatically)

Boarding by train from Greece via OSE to Blagoevgrad and then by taxi. The distance from Blagoevgrad to Bansko is about 60 km. By air to Sofia and from there there are daily buses that go to Bansko. The distance is about 160 km. With your car!

Where to go for food and entertainment in Bansko?

In Bansko you will find many Bulgarian and Greek taverns in all the streets of the city, and in nice restaurants where you will eat very well and at very affordable prices.

As for your fun with your first night out, you will find that you have a lot of choices between Pubs to drink a beer and Clubs, which often because there are so many Greek tourists, plays Greek music.