On a trip to Milan there is a lot to know. It is probably the most commercial city in the world. Milan is the capital of northern Italy. Almost throughout its history it has been the commercial, economic and industrial center of the country while at the same time it is famous for its arts and high class temperament. The city has a state-of-the-art and reliable network of public transport with which you can start your tour!

What to see

Plan your trip to Milan because the sights are many and the time is precious. The first stop could not be other than the Piazza Duomo, or otherwise the Cathedral square. The most central and busiest square in Milan, which next to the church is decorated with some of the most historic buildings in the city. In the middle of the square dominates the statue of Vittorio Manuele II. He was the man who united Italy in its present form. The Galleria de Vittorio Manuele is named after him. The square hosts hundreds of tourists every day. It is the most important church in the city and the seat of the Archbishop of Milan. It is one of the most important churches in the world and among the 5 largest in the world. It took five centuries to complete. First there was another temple which was destroyed in 1075 AD. Around 1300 AD the reconstruction of this masterpiece began.

Entering the side of the square in the Gallery you will see the magnitude of the influence that trade has in this city. Milano is famous for its relationship with the big fashion, jewelry and trade houses. Upon entering the Gallery you will see many small and large cafes and restaurants and some of the most luxurious shops in the world. The Renaissance architecture and the interior, the mosaics on the floor and the frescoes on the walls will fix you in the way they are combined. It has the shape of a huge cross and in the center-corners of the cross the biggest brands of the world such as VERSAGE, GUCCI and PRADA have left their mark.

Next stop if you are planning a trip to Milan, is the Piazza della Scala, or the famous La Scala in Milan. He has hosted the biggest performances internationally and has been performed by the biggest tenors and sopranos in the world. The Opera House has given the city the nickname Metropolis of Arts. In the reception area there are various busts of very important people of the subject, such as Toscanini, who have written their own history in opera. There is a museum and a free tour of the performance hall, while if you want to attend a performance we would advise you to book your tickets well in advance. Probably the most impressive opera in the world. The geometric placement of the galleries in relation to the chairs and the harmonization of gold with red will make you feel beautiful and refreshing. It has a capacity of 2015 people and is said to have the best acoustics internationally. It was inaugurated in 1778 with a work by Salieri. It was named after Saint Maria della Scala. This is where the biggest premieres in the works of Verdi, Belini and Puccini have taken place.

Then we have the busiest street in town and it is none other than via Mercanti. It starts from the square of the Cathedral and ends at the Red Castle. The Italian saying that “as many churches as Rome has, as many banks as Milan has” has come out for this path. Also busy is Dante Street, or via Dante. Here you will find gellateries, with the best ice creams and restaurants that combine excellent quality with incredible prices. Most visitors prefer to dine on this street because of its wonderful lighting.

Via Dante ends at Castelo Sforzesco or the Red Castle of the city. Here lived the family that ruled Milan in the 15th century. Now it has twelve museums inside that to turn them all you have to dedicate an entire day. The two most popular are the Michael Angelo Museum of Art and the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science. Access to the courtyard is free and you only pay to enter museums. However, it is worth visiting the castle even to learn its history and to admire it. Finally, perhaps more important should be your visit to Santa Maria della Grecia. There you will be immersed in the architecture and the size of the church in relation to its reputation. It is the church that hosts one of the world-famous masterpieces, the Cenacolo Vinciano, or “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

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