Are you preparing for a trip to Budapest? This is a real opportunity to get to know the Slavic culture, to taste the excellent Hungarian cuisine and to have fun. It is the capital of Hungary and consists of two cities (since 1873), Buda and Pest, which are connected by the Danube bridges, which separate the two cities. With a rich history and the neo-Gothic rhythm to be distinguished throughout the city, a new experience that you will never forget, unfolds before you.

History & Sights

When traveling to Budapest, one realizes how important the history of this place is. Many different and great cultures have passed through the region. The Romans were the first to build streets, amphitheaters and baths, as well as the first houses with heated floors. If there is one thing they should be proud of, it is Aquincum. The best preserved ancient Roman archeological site, which today is used as an open museum of the city. The Hungarians first settled in the city at the end of the 9th century and founded the Kingdom of Hungary. In 1361 the city was declared the capital and the Buddha played a key role in cultural development.

The jewel of the Danube

In Budapest, in addition to the picturesque streets, large shopping malls and luxury hotels, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of attractions. First stop, the building of the National Parliament. It is the largest building in the country, located on the shores of Pest and houses the jewels of the royal crown. A unique attraction, too, is the basilica of St. Stephen, founder of Hungary, which rises to 96 meters and together with the Parliament are the two tallest buildings in the city. Next, we must highlight the countless small and large cafes in the city. A typical focal point is the Zerbo cafe. It is the most famous and popular patisserie in Budapest and is located in Pest in Veresmorty Square. It is built in Art Nouveau architecture and its decoration and aura will captivate you. When traveling to Budapest you should not miss to visit the Castle. It is the former royal palace and today houses two museums and a library.

The most popular attraction of the city is Andrasi Avenue. A tour not to be missed. It is two and a half kilometers long and connects the Deak Ferenc with Heroes Square. It is also a prime opportunity to attend the world-famous Budapest State Opera, which has hosted the largest international performances. Beneath the boulevard lies the second oldest subway line in the world. Andrasi Avenue was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Optionally, you should not forget to visit the Seven Danube Bridges. Two of the seven are the most important. The Chain Bridge, which first united Buddha with Pest in 1849, and the Elizabeth Bridge (1903), where Empress Elizabeth was found murdered. Luxury without waste. This is the phrase that characterizes an excursion to Budapest. Luxury accommodation and affordable accommodation make this beautiful destination on the Danube accessible. Sophisticated cuisine and nightlife in the city bars will make your visit to the Hungarian capital even more enjoyable. An ideal opportunity is in front of you. Plan a unique trip to Budapest!

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