Book now for a trip to Barcelona! Barcelona is an exotic destination in northeastern Spain. From the capital of Catalonia flows art, its huge history and the explosive temperament of its people. A great escape opportunity that will not only fascinate you but will fill you with aesthetics, fun and Latin rhythms.

Art & Sights

A trip to Barcelona is enough to understand the inseparable connection it has with the world of art and culture. Juan Mirρο, Salvador Dali and Anthony Gaudi. Are her children. Mirρο was the greatest surrealist of his time and his work is still being analyzed. Salvador Dali was perhaps the greatest painter born in Catalonia.

Gaudi is a special case for the Catalans. His works not only adorn Barcelona throughout, but are also an integral part of its history. His biggest work that remained unfinished is the Sagrada Familia. A Roman Catholic church that has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its bells are heard throughout the city and its majestic appearance creates awe among visitors.

Casa Batlo is another achievement of Gaud.. Due to its organic skeletal appearance, it is also called the bone house. This famous restoration of the modern architect is of characteristic beauty and immense interest. Other works by the modernist Gaud. In the city include Casa Vicens, Palau Guell, Teresiana College, Casa Calvet, Casa Mila and Guell Park. Visitors to the city have the unique opportunity to admire these world-renowned Art Nouveau architectural masterpieces that span over a century.

Activities and Fun

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, ​​it would be good to plan your days, because the sights and activities are many and the time is precious. Of course, Barcelona is inextricably linked to the local and world-famous Barcelona team. In the jewel of the city and the team’s stadium, Camp Nou will have the opportunity to be guided by those guests who wish it having booked the day before.

Barcelona is offered to try the local cuisine but also to have fun. Large squares, parks and large shopping streets give you the opportunity to have fun. The famous Spanish cuisine is just a few meters from one of the many luxury accommodations you will choose, as the city is full of restaurants of all kinds with rich menus. And when night falls, the opportunities for fun are so many that you will need several days to tour the scattered clubs and bars of the capital of Catalonia, always in Latin rhythms and the ethereal Spanish beings abound.

A unique opportunity for anyone who chooses it. A trip to Barcelona that will be unforgettable. Art, taste and fun take the spicy rhythm of the Spanish temperament and take you on a journey. Vamos!

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