Our Favorite Winter Destination that combines Dream Vacations and Xtreme Sports!

In the Razlog valley, below Mount Pirin in Bulgaria there is a village that many of you have heard of. It is Bansko, at an altitude of over 935m. A destination famous for its ski resort, tourism, entertainment but also for its cultural heritage. An opportunity for those who know how to make trips that will be unforgettable. Those who chose Bansko, visited it again and now it is your turn. So, all you have to do is find out below about the options that open up in front of you and start your journey.

Learn the history of Bansko

If Sofia did not hold the forefront of Bulgarian culture, then Bansko could certainly be the country’s cultural capital. Around the end of the 10th century AD, the neighborhoods along the Glazne River merged to form what is now Bansko. Agricultural production and livestock flourished on such fertile soil until the Renaissance. Bansko then became a professional and commercial center and was heavily influenced by the rest of European culture. Thus, literature, woodcarving, architecture and painting developed. It is no coincidence that Paisios Hilendarski, a well-known Bulgarian author whose works were internationally acclaimed, came from Bansko. This small village has also been honored by Neophytos Rilski, who was the first Bulgarian encyclopedist, and Thomas Visanov, who founded the Bansko School of Painting in the late 18th century. Today, anyone who visits this source of culture of the neighboring country will have the opportunity to see up close a picturesque landscape created by the more than 200 preserved houses, the 32 architectural sites and the 3 large church temples.

Tradition and Tourism

Thousands of tourists flock to the winter resort every year and are happy with both the way and the facilities that are welcomed by the locals. Following Bansko’s reputation as a ski resort, few entrepreneurs rushed to invest in hotels in the area. So today, guests are waiting for 50 luxury accommodations for all tastes. Neoclassical, European, traditional and luxurious architecture and decoration give the confidence and comfort required by customers. Taking all the necessary safety and hygiene measures to European standards, the rich buffets and the large recreation and relaxation areas in the warmth of the fireplace compose the ideal stay atmosphere. Finally, all of the above are certified by the positions held by Bansko hotels and hostels in the ratings of well-known travel agencies.

In the streets and in the shops, no matter how great the influence of the many different visitors on the locals, the tradition has not been lost. Guests will have the opportunity to experience the local festivities and taste the traditional Bulgarian cuisine in the restaurants of the village. Besides, the Bulgarian way of life is not so different from the Greek one. This is one more reason why you will feel more intimate and get to know the Bulgarian hospitality to spend your holidays pleasantly. Of course, the fun would not be missing from this destination. Nightclubs, tourist shops and the Casino give guests a variety of options. In the clubs, Greek music plays a leading role in the winter seasons while the tourist shops give you the opportunity to buy special souvenirs to remind you of the wonderful moments you experienced. The Casino, built on the line of major European casinos, offers unforgettable experiences to its guests with many different options in games and competitions.

The Ski Center

The landmark of the area could not be other than the ski resort. Its lowest point is 1000m at an altitude while the highest reaches the dizzying number of 2560m. The movement from the main part to the center is done by cable car and will surprise you. The snowy flora and the running waters that you observe from above create an excellent combination of nature and human intervention that satisfies even the strictest judges. The slopes have a total length of 75 km, while they are divided into categories depending on the customer experience. Beginners can use 35% of the total length, experienced 45% while advanced 25%. The best snow quality is also provided as, in addition to natural snow, there are TechnoAlpin snow cannons and Kassbohrer rollers that create a dazzling effect even in the eyes of the most advanced skier. The exciting skiing experience is completed with a hot chocolate in the ski chalet. The wooden construction with the fireplace and the hospitality will keep you warm after your snowy journey.

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