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Crete, Greece
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We have found for you economical packages for Holidays in Chania. Travel to the beautiful island of Crete for 5 days, with accommodation at Nireas Hotel. The hotel is an ideal destination for young people and couples. It offers its travelers parking, free wifi and balconies with great views. It also has a restaurant and lounge bar. The rooms are beautiful, well equipped and have air conditioning, flat screen, toiletries, while also, there is a daily cleaning service. If you are looking for “Holidays in Chania”, Nireas hotel is the best solution!

Chania, Crete

Chania is located on the north coast of western Crete and is the capital of the Prefecture of Chania. The prefecture of Chania is located in western Crete and combines many beautiful beaches, small fertile plains, high mountains and deep gorges, such as the gorge of Samaria.

Chania is one of the oldest cities in Crete, with a rich and turbulent history. Today it is the second most populous city on the island, a city that has preserved its traditional architecture and retains most of its monuments from the time of the Venetians and the Turks.

The Venetian port with the lighthouse and the old town in the center have given Chania the reputation of the most picturesque city in Crete, which hosts thousands of visitors every year.

One could say that Chania consists of two cities: the old city and the new one. The new city embraces the old and spreads to a growing radius. The road is quite good near the center and you will not have a hard time finding your way. Unfortunately this picture is changing in the suburbs, where it is easy to get lost.

A common finding is that you will easily find the way to get to Chania, but you will hardly be able to leave the city. Of course, you may not want to leave easily, because Chania is a city that will easily enchant you.

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Crete, Greece
from €239,00

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