The jewel of the Aegean

If she were human, she would surely be the daughter of a king. The well-publicized island that more or less we all want to visit. An international destination as tourists from all over the world gather there. The sunset, the beautiful relief, the view and the history of the island make its visitors leave with the best impressions. The biggest American magazines are among the 43 places that a person should see during his life.

Strongyli, Kallisti, Thira and Santorini. These are the names that were given to her from time to time. The first due to the shape of the island, which now has the shape of a crescent moon after the volcanic eruption of 1613 BC. Its second name refers to the natural beauty of the place and comes from the inscriptions of Plato. Thira was the emperor of the Lacedaemonians who colonized the island. So since then the island is recognized by its name. Finally, Santa Irina was the church of Agia Irini. The Frankish Crusaders prayed there and over the years it was given the name Santorini.

About eleven centuries before the Golden Age of Pericles. It is said that the inhabitants of Santorini lived in modern settlements with developed architecture and infrastructure projects. This is the Settlement of Akrotiri. The construction of houses for houses had reached up to three floors. The buildings that would exploit the two floors as shops. There were squares with marble decoration and cobbled streets. Finally, the sewer system had enormous similarities with today. It is a fact that its branches until its end were a scientific achievement at that time.

Beyond the name, Plato connected Santorini with that of the Lost Atlantis. The great cultural development of the island in the middle of the second millennium BC. and the characteristics of a highly developed continent given to Atlantis, led scientists to believe their connection. Well-known volcanologists who have dealt with this issue have argued that the only geological phenomenon that can “sink parts of the earth in one day,” as Plato describes it, is that of the sinking of a caldera.

Also of great interest is the fact that, with the exception of tourism, people’s occupations have been almost the same for so many hundreds of years. The inhabitants live next to an active volcano and even exploit it. The volcanic lava that covered the whole island, made the ground suitable. Thus, agriculture, animal husbandry and the cultivation of the vine flourished. In fact, on the provincial road of ancient Thira there is a wine museum with excellent options and quality. The local wine is called Visanto. Its fame was multiplied by the exports to Russia that due to the common religion were requested by the Russian church for the process of the Divine Liturgy.

Must see

The capital of the island is Fira. The total time to explore the island is not more than 4-5 days. In Fira, the picturesque cobbled streets combined with the incredible view enchants the visitors. Shops of all kinds. Travel shops, renowned jewelry stores and a fantastic opportunity to try many different cuisines. After the meal, of course, you should not miss to pass by Zotos. A confectionery that for decades satisfies even the most demanding customers and holds the leading position in the evaluations of travel agencies.

Finally, a complete exploration of the island must include Oia. The luxurious hotels on the steep cliffs of the island raise the adrenaline. The gaze of the sunset from the castle will reward you for the long walk in the narrow alleys of the area. In both Fira and Oia you will have the opportunity to enjoy the night entertainment with the dozens of bars and the fun that blooms every night of the summer season.

The best beaches of Santorini

The beaches of the island are located in the southern and eastern part of the island. They are organized, with a lot of people and cover all kinds of tastes. Initially, Perissa and Kamari, located 13 minutes from Fira. By car are the busy beaches of the island. A few minutes further south, Perivolos includes all the beach bars. They raise the volume of the music to the heights from noon and turn on the fun early. Below, Vlychada, with the incredible natural relief. Suitable for family getaways due to the quietness that is offered. Finally, you should definitely take the boat from the beach of Akrotiri and visit the Red, Black and White beach.

This trip will be unforgettable. The sunset in Imerovigli, the donkeys in the cobbled streets of Fira and the incredible view of Palia Kammeni from the lighthouse are circumstances that you will remember for a lifetime. It is said that whoever visits Santorini once, will definitely go again. Start the journey! Holidays in Santorini!

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