History and Tradition in Paros 

Parian history has two branches. Panagia Ekatontapyliani and the traditional settlement of Lefkes. Ekatontapyliani is a building that combines early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine elements. It is the largest surviving building of its kind. Popular legend states that Constantine the Great built the monument to fulfill the wish of his mother St. Helen. Specifically, its name comes from the hundred gates it has and the tradition wants only 99 to be known, while the 100th will be revealed when the 100th of Istanbul is revealed.

Naoussa – Parikia Logaras

The traditional settlement of Lefkes is located in the center of Paros at an altitude of 250m. It is the first capital of Paros while it is the most mountainous and greenest village. A walk in its alleys will convince you of the above characterization. As you cross the settlement you will notice the old laundries, the House of Literature and the picturesque Ramno. At the edge of the village, on a hill, rises the Church of the Holy Trinity, a trademark of the settlement.

Must see

Paros has a great interest in terms of natural beauty and comfort it offers to its visitors. The primary goal of Paros is to serve the wishes of its tourists. It combines the quiet, peaceful life but also the frantic fun with the summer atmosphere.

The choices in Paros are innumerable, both for families and for couples. In the northern part of the island, the beach Monastiri, with its shallow waters and the tranquility it offers is the ideal place for families. In Paros, another option is Piso Livadi, a small cove with picturesque taverns and an idyllic landscape. Lolantonis beach, named after the homonymous restaurant above the beach, attracts locals and families. Finally, the low rates reach the largest settlement on the island, Aliki. Aliki is famous for its fish and for the beautiful colors seen in the sky by those who cross the harbor at sunset.

The best beaches of Paros

Paros climbed the preferences of travel agencies due to the cosmopolitan identity it gained from investing in beach bars, clubs, organized beaches and water sports. Naoussa is only 10 km from the island’s capital. It combines organized beach with good nightlife. In the afternoon, the whole island comes to Naoussa. The volume of music in the nightclubs rises dangerously until the early morning hours. East Pounda has taken its name from the homonymous club in the area. All the showbiz foam is gathered there every summer, while plenty of alcohol and music raise the thermometer to high levels.

Next and most popular beach is Chrysi Akti. The shiny sand, the turquoise waters compose a tropical landscape that enchants anyone who visits it. Organized beach with sunbeds, beach bar, water sports and a few activities await the holidaymakers. Finally, West Pounta is after Naoussa the second bus stop on the island. This is due to two main factors. It is the point from which the small boat starts for Antiparos, so the camp lovers mainly come there. It then gathers worldwide interest, as it has hosted two world surfing and kitesurfing championships. It has two surf and kite schools, a diving center and a riding school.

Accommodation in Paros

The accommodation options are great as Paros has over 150 accommodations. Luxurious, graphic neoclassical but also modern, the variety is great. Paros is happy to host visitors and takes care to provide you with experiences that will be unforgettable. To explore it you need 4-5 days, without haste. Paros is one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands that offers special emotions to its visitors. Enjoy!

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