Holidays in Naxos to the Endless beaches, the unique local products and the well hidden mountain villages. Naxos offers much more than you expect.

You are on the largest, most fertile and autonomous island of the Cyclades, Naxos. On the island with centuries of history, unique sights, alternating landscapes, hospitable inhabitants and good food. In the most beautiful part of the Aegean. In the port you are welcomed by the ancient Portara – the marble supernatural frame, the same as the National Geographic sign – and the view of the medieval castle.
Inland you are welcomed by proud towers – among them stands the towering Bazaiou Tower: built in the 17th century, for centuries used as a monastery of the Holy Cross, and now hosts many cultural and cultural activities, including the famous Festivals. medieval settlements and “untouched” by time villages (such as Tripodes, Filoti and Apeiranthos) invite you to experience their beauty. You meet the mountain of Zeus, Za, the fertile plains, the monasteries.

Enjoy swimming and the sun on the endless coastline with beautiful sandy beaches. Holidays on the blessed island of Cyclades: you will return – even for a while – every summer.

Worth to see in Naxos

The town of Naxos

In Naxos Town you will feel the imposing marks left by the ancient Greeks, but also the French and the Venetian nobles of the fourth crusade. You will visit the giant Portara, the huge marble door of a glorious temple of Apollo that was never completed. You will walk the narrow streets of the medieval Castle that embraces the hill. In the afternoon at the port you will enjoy your coffee and if you have time, you will taste the famous Kitro, the famous local liqueur.

The Kouroi giants

They are the most impressive sculptures of the Naxian countryside and one of the most popular attractions of the island. They are half-finished colossal statues of men -kouros- who rest eternally in the ravines in Melanes and Apollo. The ancient quarries and sculptors eagerly wish to return, to complete their work.

Gastronomic journey

It could also be described as a gastronomic destination, as it produces some of the excellent products of the country. Discover the cheese tradition of Naxos that produces celebrities, such as Naxos gruyere, but also Kefalotyri, the so-called male cheese. Taste potatoes of exceptional quality and taste due to the sandy clay soil rich in potassium. Do not forget to try, but also to take with you when leaving, the famous Citrus, a distillate of citrus leaves (citrus medica) that you will find in different colors.

Apeiranthos: the jewel of Naxos

Apeiranthos (or T’Aperathou) is a precious gem of mountainous Naxos. 10 centuries have passed since then, leaving untouched the houses, the cobbled streets, the way its inhabitants speak, their habits and their daily life. Today, as visitors, you hear the Aperathites speak an idiom similar to that of Crete. You step into the same marble alleys, admire the arches, the Venetian towers, the stone two-storey houses. You sit in old cafes, to “steal” a little of its unadulterated culture.

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