Enjoy the Holidays in Mykonos, the island of the winds. Summer in Mykonos. The cosmopolitan aura, the luxurious organization of the island will excite you. An internationally renowned destination for ideal entertainment – intense life is at the disposal of every traveler who wants to spend a holiday with loud music and accumulated wealth.

The country is located in the west of the island, while the combination of Cycladic architecture with white houses, the blue of the sky, the sea exudes the island tradition of the country. It is lively all day, as there are many picturesque walking alleys, restaurants, cafes and bars. In its small alleys one can find from small tourist shops to shops with internationally recognized brands. Next to it, the country is adorned by little Venice. A settlement created from the middle of the 18th century. built in the sea reminiscent of the Italian city. Finally, in the center of the island, without being rained by the sea, is the settlement of Ano Mera which is famous for its natural landscape.
Since 1960, tourists have been flocking to Mykonos en masse for both life and beauty. It is an island with 30 beaches, a large number for its size that cater to all tastes. While, throughout the island there are accommodations ideal for rest, comfortable accommodation with their services to be of world quality.
The most famous beaches of Mykonos

If you are planning a stay in Mykonos, it is worth taking a look at its beaches. For wildlife lovers there are the beaches of Agios Sostis and Merchia. Disorganized, with vegetation reaching to the beach, give travelers the opportunity to experience the tropical living conditions of the area. Then, as absurd as it sounds, Mykonos has many beaches that serve families. Panormos and Agios Stefanos are exactly what they are looking for. Organized beaches with quiet and shallow waters that provide the necessary safety for children.

Then, the beaches of Lia, Kalo Livadi, Elia, Kalafatis are beautiful, quiet and organized beaches. In Elia and Kalo Livadi there are opportunities for water sports while in Lia and Kalafatis there are diving centers. The community of Platys Gialos is located 2 km away from the country and is known for the boats that lead to the other beaches of the south. It has many restaurants, beach bars, tourist shops as well as a beach offered for water sports. It is worth visiting during your stay in Mykonos.

The beach that made Mykonos famous since the early 70’s is called Paraga. Famous for its loud music on the beaches it offers many accommodation options with rooms to let, hotels and camping. Ornos is another beach near the country that is quiet, organized and friendly to families. Finally, Psarou is one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos. Famous customers from all over the world and the high prices offer pleasures of special expectations. On this beach you will find 3 restaurants, 1 beach bar and 1 diving center.

The trademark of the island could only be the beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise. Two beaches where the fun starts early. The ethereal presences with the abundant alcohol flowing from early noon awaken all the senses. Latin and house rhythms turn the beach into a dance floor. These are moments of indomitable fun that if you do not experience them you can not imagine. Branded DJs, VIP clients frame the spectacle that takes place. Access is easy by car, the country’s KTEL or the boat from Platys Gialos.

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