Summer in Kythira. Kythira, the island of the Goddess Aphrodite, is a beautiful, magical destination for those who love nature, history and tradition. Kythira is a picturesque island with many beauties, located south of the Peloponnese and belongs to the Ionian Islands. The architecture of the island, the blue-green beaches, the local delicacies and the hospitality offer unique moments of relaxation and enjoyment to those who choose to spend their holidays in Kythera.

Summer in Kythera

The main beaches of Kythera are Halkos, Diakofti, Paleopolis, Kaladi, Ocheles, Firi Ammos, Melidoni, Kapsali, Fourni, Platia Ammos, Kombonada and Agia Pelagia. All beaches are special, some of them are award-winning. Narrow coves, clear blue waters, and endless sandy beaches enchant visitors.

One of the most popular beaches of Kythera is Halkos which is located on the south side of the island, near the village of Kalamos. Copper is a relatively small bay surrounded by rocks and sea caves, with fine pebbles and deep turquoise waters. It is an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen that provides coffee, drinks and food. With easy access for guests.
Diakofti with white sand and shallow waters, ideal beach for families and young children. Kombonada with very deep waters and large pebbles, is located east of Kythera. Melidoni, a beach with crystal clear waters and fine sand, overlooking Chytra which is a sea cave of the island. Kaladi, a beautiful beach divided into three parts, pebbled with turquoise waters, is located east of Kythera. Paleopolis is the largest beach, combines sandy beach with pebbles and has facilities with water sports.

During your vacation in Kythera you will discover many different attractions that will excite you. Kythera has four castles, the castle of Avlemon, built during the Venetian occupation and functioned as an observatory in the eastern Aegean. The castle of Mylopotamos, western observatory of the island, was built in 1956 and has nine churches and houses. The castle of Chora, was built by the Venetians at the highest point of the island and was controlled by three seas, the Ionian, the Aegean and the Cretan. Finally the castle of Paleochora, a fort with a deep gorge, on the north side of the island. It was built during the Byzantine years and was destroyed by Hayreddin Barbarossa, admiral of the Turkish fleet.

During your vacation in Kythera, make sure that you visit the dream Watermills. Among the green trees are built 22 watermills from which plenty of water runs. They are located near the waterfalls of Neraida or Fonissa and have a height of 20 meters. The landscape at the waterfalls is idyllic, with alleys, streams, tall plane trees and a magical green lake. All this gives the feeling of a fairy tale of another era. One of the most amazing places in Kythera is Chytra, a rocky islet that has the sea cave and at the end you will find a shelter for seals. Chytra is located opposite the port of Kapsali. Moudari Lighthouse, with a height of 25 meters, is located at Akrotiri Spathi, the northernmost point of the island. If you visit the lighthouse and go up to the top floor, the view will shock you.

Monuments, Caves and Monasteries

In Kythera also, there are two gorges each with its own beauty. The gorge of Tsakonas located between the villages of Mitata and Viaradika. It has two churches and two springs, one for each village. And the gorge of Kakia Lagada, is located north of the island and ends at the beach of Kakia Lagada, near the Castle of Mylopotamos.

Kythera is a deeply historical place, with remarkable monuments such as the school of Milapidea, the temple of the Goddess Aphrodite, the Minoan Sanctuary of the Peak, the bridge of Katouni and the historical archive of Kythera. On the island you will find two museums, the Archaeological Museum of Kythera located in Chora and the Byzantine Museum located in the square of Kato Livadi. In Kythera there are three caves, each with its own history. The cave of Kalamos, the cave of Mylopotamos and the cave of Housti. On the island there are countless monasteries and temples that you can visit. The largest monastery on the island is Panagia Myrtidiotissa with a history of centuries.

Picturesque villages and hospitality

Your holidays in Kythera will be completed, after visiting the beautiful villages, such as Avlemonas, Kapsali, Livadi, Chora ton Kythira, Kalamos etc. . All full of tradition, the settlements of Kythera will give you a magical summer. Whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, with tourist shops and more. Cafes, bars, restaurants and taverns where you can relax, have fun and get to know the hospitable people of the island.

Kythera is an island rich in history, endowed with nature and combines activities for everyone. Beautiful, clean beaches, attractions and dream locations will leave you not only the best impressions, but also memories.

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