In Cyclades, you will find a Greek island with two faces: the Ios of fun and the Ios of light. Which will you choose?

Its fame goes beyond words: Ios invites you to the beaches and alleys of its country, to have fun at the funniest summer party in the Cyclades. Music on the percussion, happy voices, the languages ​​of the whole world, dancing, sweaty bodies, shotguns… And everyone becomes a company until the morning. The other face of Chora? Apart from the bars, you will find Cycladic houses, galleries, cafes, children in the squares, whitewashed stairs, tasteful shops, restaurants with international cuisine and Panagia Gremiotissa supervising and protecting.

Ios is the fun vacation you dreamed of in winter. A Greek island, where frantic fun takes on flesh and blood. But it is also something deeper: the beauty of breakfast with the Aegean in the background after the party.

Worth to see in Ios

Mylopotas, the star beach

Here the fun starts early: dive in Mylopotas with the impressive bay! A beach with green-blue transparent waters, bars, sand, water sports, coffee and τι the party begins. Are you ready?

Another town, picturesque

Reach Panagia Gremiotissa at the edge of the Venetian castle, to see Chora with a different eye. Cube-shaped houses amphitheatrically built, churches on the slopes, a town built on the ancient city. Get lost in its labyrinth: Cycladic whitewashed alleys, flowers in the courtyards, smells from the oven, hidden in the galleries, women on the terraces with the handiwork in hand talking in a low voice. Now, you face the authentic Io!

The other face of Ios

In the morning after the party, you will see the other face of Ios. Where; In the incredible view from the tomb of Homer, in the ruins of a Hellenistic tower. On the cobbled path to Paleokastro walking on the edge of the cliff, 300 meters above the sea. At Panagia Paleokastritissa located in the castle of the 16th century, to admire the Aegean from its dome. Welcome to the bright Ios!

In the Bronze Age, in Skarkos

Follow the path: the dry stones surround the hill of Skarkos in the form of a spiral. The people of Nio call them “karavola”, meaning snails. Here, a few minutes away from Chora, a very important settlement of the Early Cycladic period was discovered. Wander around the organized archeological site and see the findings at the Archaeological Museum of Chora.

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