This year we are on vacation in Crete! Vast, ancient, proud and impressive. Crete, the largest and southernmost island of Greece, is the place where there are not enough exclamatory adjectives to describe it. The most fiery temperament of the Greeks unfolds in the physiognomies of the people who live here. The birthplace of Zeus, king of the Olympian gods, could only be reminiscent of paradise.

Crete was plotted by many conquerors. The resistance of the locals to the enemy, for their honor and freedom, forged the authentic Cretan character. Pride, independence, patriarchal way and a unique perception of the concept of honor combined with incredible hospitality are expressed in the attitude of the residents in such a way that you can not but love them. So this year, we are on vacation in Crete!

Crete has such a great variety that it reminds of an entire continent. It has mountains, sea, gorges, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, plains while producing all kinds of goods. You are offered the whole special tradition of Crete in a glass of tsikoudia and a mantinada.


Initially, the capital of the island is Heraklion. The city that took its name from the favorite hero of mythology. The alleys in the center, the shops and Venizelos Square, with the Morozini Fountain as a reference point, are flooded with young people having fun until the early morning hours. In the prefecture of Heraklion, legends and antiquity speak to us at every step. It was there that the Minoan civilization was born, flourished and was destroyed. A culture older than the rest of mainland Greece that still remains enigmatic. After the Minoan catastrophe and to this day a part of it survives, the palace of Knossos, which is just a few kilometers from the city of Heraklion.


One of the most popular destinations for those planning a vacation in Crete. Rethymno is a mountainous summer destination surrounded by golden sandy beaches. It is ideal for quiet family vacations but also fun in nightclubs. Its natural diversity with fertile plains, rocky landscapes and sandy beaches make it look like a fairytale. On its southern shores the small picturesque accommodation is offered for relaxation and peace. You should not miss to visit Finikas beach. It was named so because there is a small palm forest. A tropical touch to the Mediterranean landscape.

The city of Rethymnon is one of the most well-preserved in Greece. The Venetian castles coexist harmoniously with the Orthodox and catholic churches, the tourist shops but also the organized beaches in the city. The symbol of the city is the Fortezza Castle. There is an incredible view of the old town and the Aegean Sea. Admission is 4 euros while in the evenings events and concerts are organized.


Lassithi is the most modern prefecture of Crete. Elounda is there. A place simply heavenly with luxurious and beautiful hotels. Agios Nikolaos attracts thousands of tourists who come to see the aristocratic beauty of Greek Monaco. In the same area is the memorable Spinalonga. Its past is sad as it is the island where lepers went and were isolated. Now all the small towns and villages use it for tourism by sending boats. It is one of the most diverse attractions thanks to its beauty and history. Another place that should not be missed is Lassinthos Park located on the plateau of Lasithi. Traditional ceramic and textile masterpieces are prepared and exhibited there. It contains a zoo while you are given the opportunity to enjoy Cretan cuisine and local wine. With such variety, Lasinthos is the quintessence of the Cretan soul.

The southernmost city of the prefecture of Lassithi but also of Europe is Ierapetra. The illuminated cobbled harbor offers a beautiful nightlife and traditional restaurants for a good dinner. The easternmost point of Lassithi is Vai. It is the only palm forest in Europe. It leads to a sandy beach that in combination with the tufted palm trees creates an incomparable image.


The last prefecture is of Chania. Wildlife, unique monuments, beautiful and unique beaches are the building blocks of the prefecture.

The city of Chania has been influenced by many cultures. A walk in the narrow alleys with the Venetian balconies and the traditional pansies will convince you. In the city you should definitely visit the old port where all day gives you many opportunities. In the morning you can enjoy your coffee, at noon and in the evening lunch and dinner respectively, while after 12 the bars are full until morning. The cutlery, the old market and the mosque should definitely be in your schedule.

The most touristic place you can see in Chania is Platanias. You can start your evening with a dinner at the Italian restaurant Zaferano and then it is up to you to choose one of the dozens of bars for your entertainment.

Chania is one of the top summer destinations, mainly due to the beaches. Bekos is the beach that when one visits it one must be able to appreciate its importance. It is the point where land and sea become one and separate three seas. The Aegean, the Libyan and the Ionian Sea. Falasarna is the beach with the turquoise waters and the fantastic sunset. Finally, the most famous beach in Crete is Elafonisi. There the pink sandy beach, the shallow waters and the excellent infrastructure create the climate for your best experience in a natural landscape. In it, you can find locker rooms, sun loungers and a beach bar with an incredible menu.

The most touristic place you can see in Chania is Platanias. You can start your evening with a dinner at the Italian restaurant Zaferano and then it is up to you to choose one of the dozens of bars for your entertainment.

Crete with its spectacular landscapes, incredible flavors, traditional music and unique hospitality is sure to compensate you. Peace and quiet coexist with frantic fun, the ancient history of the place, luxury hotels and restaurants and are waiting for you. Having traveled one summer in Crete you will realize that you could not make a better choice. It’s up to you!

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