Enjoy unique holidays in Arachova! At the foot of Mount Parnassos, in the middle of the cypress trees, is a village that is more or less the reference point of the winter excursion: Arachova is widely known for its hospitality, winter sports and the little but good night entertainment. Other well-known and other lesser-known stories are offered to visitors in an experience that will be unforgettable.

History of the village

The winter resort of Arachova, at an altitude of 968 meters, was founded during the heyday of Frankish rule by the then feudal lord de Nesle, who united many settlements in order to better exploit and control the area. Another element that encouraged the creation of a wider settlement at this point, were the mild winds and natural protection from snow and frost. The history of the area begins around 1200 BC when, on the west side of today’s Arachova, in the area Anemoreia (of Homeric reports) the first settlements are presented. On the west side there was the settlement of Kyparissos, which is disputed by historians, who claim that the city of Yampolis existed there. Anemoreia and Kyparissos participated in the Trojan War with Epistrofos and Schedias as leaders.

Another legend states that, above today’s Arachova, in Liakoura, the highest peak of Parnassos (2457m), stood the ark of Deucalion and Pyrra who gave birth to the Greek, the ancestor of the Greeks. Historians and travelers report that Arachova in the 16th and 17th centuries, during Turkish rule, had 250-300 Greek families and only one Turk, the Kotzabas of the region. It was set on fire by the Turks in 1803-1804 during the eleven disputes between thieves and boatmen. The Battle of Arachova is also famous, where Georgios Karaiskakis stripped the Turkalvans’ army naked. A point that also shows the active participation of the Arachovites in the Greek Revolution. Arachova was liberated in 1828 by Dimitrios Ypsilantis, whose first concern was the establishment of a school.

Must see

Explore the mountain village taking advantage of the Holidays in Arachova. A place with such relief and history could not miss the imposing sights, which anyone who visits it should not miss to see.
Initially, the historic Clock. It was built in the early 18th century as the bell tower of the Metropolitan Church. In 1870 it was demolished by the catastrophic earthquake that struck the area and destroyed homes. Like in 1944 which was destroyed by the hostilities of the German occupiers. It was restored in 1966 at the personal expense of the abbot of the Holy Monastery of Saint Luke. The rock that is built, is referred to by the locals as Tyrias, as it was used as a refrigerator for storing dairy products. It was also the step for Delalis of the area that spread the news of the village. Its beauty is revealed in the evening hours with the illumination of which is a unique opportunity for souvenir photos.
Another monument that occupies a prominent position at the top of the village is the Church of Agios Georgios. Who is also the patron saint of the area. It was built in 1833 in the style of a cross-roofed three-aisled basilica. This special attraction of the village is completed, with the decoration of the courtyard with relief tiles with Arachovite woven by local craftsmen. Perhaps the most important historical point of the village is the Hero of Karaiskakis at the Western Exodus. The leader of the Greeks stands on 300 rocks, as much as the heads of the Turks he asked for after his victory in the Battle of Arachova. Annual events as well as parades of the area are held in this monument on the days of the national holidays.

Tourism with History

Tourism in Arachova reached its zenith with the establishment of the ski resort. In 1967, the first lifts were installed by the French company Pechiney “Aluminum of Greece” at Fterolakka. It was inaugurated seven years later in December 1974 in Gerontovrachos. Modernization and beautification works of the facilities are constantly carried out and since then it is the first choice of winter tourists. Finally, guests of the ski resort will be able to enjoy the view and the warm atmosphere of the chalet reminiscent of the French Alps. But before the erection of the ski resort, Arachova was a village that people knew from the archeological site that existed just 10km away. Arachova was favored by the proximity to the brothers and experienced a huge tourist boom with the use of the Oracle. Hordes of tourists arrive every year and it is a first class opportunity to see up close the ancient Greek history that is generously offered.

The experience of a trip like this will be unique to you. The luxurious accommodation in the hotels of the village, reaches the European standards and the night life will not leave you complaining. A beautiful search for history, natural tranquility and winter landscape unfolds before you. Book a place at the number 1 winter destination in Greece.

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